The Kodak Library of Creative Photography

This Kodak library was published by Time-Life Books in 1983, except for the volume, Mastering Color, which was published in 1985. Photographic technology has advanced and some of the information in these books is dated or even obsolete. Nevertheless, there is much to commend the information found in them, especially the creative suggestions.

There is a lot of information available online for this great book series. I won't attempt to rehash any of that here. However, it's seemingly impossible to find decent front-cover images for many of the volumes. And when you do find images, their sizes, angles, color, and formats vary widely. Below is my attempt to create a consistent set of images for the entire series.

Bear in mind that these were created in Photoshop from a wide range of source imagery. In the real world, each volume exhibits variations from one edition or print run to another. The images below do NOT accurately represent any particular books and, in fact, may look like nothing ever produced by Time-Life Books. Consider them to be a representation, not documentation, of the appearance of each book.

On a personal note, I do own the complete series. I purchased 17 of the 18 volumes at an estate sale in Salem, Oregon, in early August, 2022. I ordered the one volume missing from the set from Amazon shortly thereafter.

-- Stan Cleveland, McMinnville, Oregon

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